Medellin, Colombia with the Amigos

I am currently headed to Austin, Texas to teach a class and had some time to sit down and write some. Its been awhile since my last post, things just got crazy during/after the holidays. I guess my life is always pretty crazy, for some reason I always got something going on. Last month in February (2018) I went on my first big guy trip with a bunch of friends from Playa Del Carmen, MX. Most of them are professional poker players; it was a total of 11 guys, so I had a feeling it was going to be kind of crazy. Plus most of these guys are degenerates, no offense (inside joke) haha. The destination we chose was Medellin, Colombia, home of Pablo Escobar. For 7 days I and my 10 friends ran around the streets of Colombia.

The good thing about going in a massive group like this and with people with slightly higher budgets than regular we got to ball out on our Airbnb. We ended up renting Pablo Escobar’s penthouse in the middle of the city. Now, most people think Medellin is the most dangerous city in the world, and it was at one time ill give you that, but it has been revamped in the last 10 years and has become the place to go. As of now, Medellin is the most beautiful city I have been to. The city is hidden in the mountains of Colombia with amazing views everywhere you look. The streets were spotless, the people were nice and dressed very well. Medellin is known to be the fashion capital of Latin America, so my normal shorts and flip-flops weren’t going to cut it there.

Ok back to the penthouse, this penthouse was the shit. It had 13 bedrooms and a heated pool inside the penthouse. I mean take a look at this and the view! Most nights we spent in the penthouse partying till the morning cause the setting was just too badass not to. I would say we pretty much partied all night and sleep half the day the entire trip ha. We did go to the clubs a few times but trying to go out with 11 guys was not the most straightforward task. The nightlife was also legit. There was the main strip area where all the clubs and bars where which had a pretty good selection to pick from. A few of the guys that went with us lived there before, so we just followed them but overall the nightlife was also one of the best I’ve seen.

There were a few days some of us woke up at a decent hour and did some day activities, I mean we tried not to party our life away every day. One was going paragliding over the city. This was pretty awesome, we strapped on a harness with a guide and ran off a cliff. Somehow the guide was able to catch the wind at a certain angle and was able to control glider. The wind got a little iffy towards the end, so it took awhile to get back up the mountain, but I wasn’t complaining. Some of my friends were not able to catch the wind back up to the top of the mountain and had to land at the bottom and walk/taxi back up the mountain. One guy landed on a farm and had to hike back up the mountain; I am sure he wasn’t too excited about that one. The other guy went to the very bottom of the mountain and had to taxi back up; we thought we lost him lol. We had to wait like 2 hours for him to appear again. Once we were done, it was dark and took a local bus back down to the city cause Uber wasn’t trying to come get us. We pretty much made the bus into a party, kind of the effect we had everywhere we went. My friends also went dirt biking and Atv’n the jungle, but I had to work that day, so cant talk to much about that one but they said it was really nice.

One thing I didn’t get to do was go to a lot of the local restaurants. For some reason, my friends wanted to go to the mall and eat every day, don’t ask me why. I guess just cause it was convenient and they had like 20 different places to choose from. I did get out the last night with my friend Yannick to get some Colombia food and grab a drink at this rooftop bar in the city. This bar had one of the best views in the city, so we grabbed a bottle and just chilled.

I definitely recommend going to Medellin; I am going to try an go back this year to do more of the activities and less partying. It was just impossible not to party with the crowd I was with ha. I am kind of sad I wasn’t able to do the Atv’n, so I am definitely going to do that. There were so many things I wanted to do but didn’t get to it :/. Medellin was actually one of my top cities to move to when I moved out of the States. After this trip I don’t think it would have been a bad choice, maybe I will try it out for a month the next time I go. I will need to work on my Spanish more because not many people speak English like in Mexico but this is something I planned on doing anyway. Don’t be scared to try Colombia, of course, you have to be still smart, but it is not as dangerous as you may think. It such a beautiful country you don’t want to miss out.


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