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The rat race they call it… I have been planning my escape since college, strategically selecting my degrees and career path. After graduating with a BBA in Actuarial Science with minors in Applied Statistics and Finance in 2013, I joined the corporate world for 2 years working as a Data Analyst. As I was working full time, I was also going to school full time getting my MBA in Finance. Yes, it was a rough few years!

In 2015, I completed my degrees, which didn’t teach me much, BUT I always have them as a backup plan. As a side note, you might hear me say college is a waste of time. This part was true for me. What I actually learned in college was a waste of time, but the paper itself is what I needed. This degree gets you in the door to make some money when you first start, gives you credibility, and also allows you to take more risks since you always have a backup plan to fall on.

Getting back on the topic, in 2015, I started my first company, Vizual Intelligence Inc. I began this company just as a part-time freelance company doing data visualization consulting, which is what I was doing in the corporate world. In 6 months, it grew into a full-time data visualization consulting and training company. It continued to grow, and within the past 2 years, I have created 6 companies in total, some successful and some not.

Just recently, I decided to become a digital nomad, living and starting companies in other countries. Once I left the United States and I was introduced to new cultures and problems, it took my thinking to a whole new level. I am now on my way to becoming a true global entrepreneur, and I am here to share with you how you can also accomplish this!

Entrepreneurship is about how you think and what you know not about what you have. You can take everything I have and I bet you I will be back in the same position next year…
personal info

Name:  Tyler Lubben

Bachelors  BBA. Actuarial Science W/ Minors in Finance & Applied Statistics

Born: Sacramento, CA

Location:   Depends

Graduate: MBA in Finance

Email: tyler@tlubben.com

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work experience
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Risk Analyst
Analyzing high risk fraudulent claims for JPMorgan Chase.
Healthcare Analyst
Manage sales analytics process using Tableau, SQL and SAS.
Data Analyst
Responsible for all HRIS reporting and data analysis utilizing Tableau and SQL.
CEO of Vizual Intelligence Inc and VizualSurvey
BBA in Actuarial Science
BBA. in Actuarial Science with minors in Finance & Applied Statistics.
MBA in Finance
Master of Business Administration with a focus on Finance.
Tableau Certified
Certified Tableau Software Desktop Associate.
Data Visualization
Creative Problem Solving
my approach
see problems
find solutions
I will continue to create, innovate and travel the world. This is my passion and I love doing it.
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Latest projects
Vizual Intelligence Consulting
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My clients say
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Mario Montag
Founder & CEO

We hired Tyler to help us develop very sophisticated applications and BI solutions in Tableau. Tyler was very professional, worked very well with our high demanding team, and delivered on time and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend Tyler for any Tableau advanced programming and configuration needs. He also did a nice job of understanding our requirement and challenged us to perhaps modify our requirement to better deliver a final product.

Daylene Meuschke
College of the Canyons

Tyler’s in-depth knowledge and skills for building dynamic visualizations has helped our institution expand access to data. Tyler has helped improve visualizations we have started and worked on some very complex ones as well. We have been very impressed with Tyler’s ability to quickly respond and solve some complex calculations needed for some of the visualizations.

Kim Boyd
Athena Research
Market Intelligence Consultant

We hired Tyler to assemble a Tableau presentation because we were understaffed.  Even though they hadn’t worked in our field (market research survey data), they offered up new ways of presenting our data that would make it much easier for us and our clients to use.  By the nature of our work, Tyler had to work through challenges and he approached them with expertise, curiosity and professionalism.  We really appreciate that he had an eye for detail and quality.  The end result is an awesome and dynamic Tableau presentation.  Our expectations have been exceeded!

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