Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking… Once you train your brain to see problems as opportunities, you are half way there…



I am Tyler Lubben, a young entrepreneur breaking out of the rat race and the so called “American Dream.” I am originally from California but currently traveling around the world while running my companies online. I have created 6 companies total, some successful, some not, which is all part of the learning process.

Mario Montag
Founder & CEO

We hired Tyler to help us develop very sophisticated applications and BI solutions in Tableau. Tyler was very professional, worked very well with our high demanding team, and delivered on time and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend Tyler for any Tableau advanced programming and configuration needs. He also did a nice job of understanding our requirement and challenged us to perhaps modify our requirement to better deliver a final product.

Daylene Meuschke
College of the Canyons

Tyler’s in-depth knowledge and skills for building dynamic visualizations has helped our institution expand access to data. Tyler has helped improve visualizations we have started and worked on some very complex ones as well. We have been very impressed with Tyler’s ability to quickly respond and solve some complex calculations needed for some of the visualizations.

Kim Boyd
Athena Research
Market Intelligence Consultant

We hired Tyler to assemble a Tableau presentation because we were understaffed.  Even though they hadn’t worked in our field (market research survey data), they offered up new ways of presenting our data that would make it much easier for us and our clients to use.  By the nature of our work, Tyler had to work through challenges and he approached them with expertise, curiosity and professionalism.  We really appreciate that he had an eye for detail and quality.  The end result is an awesome and dynamic Tableau presentation.  Our expectations have been exceeded!


MY  projects

Here are some of the projects and companies I am working on right now. I am always thinking of something new, I just wish there was more hours in the day! I love creating new companies so you will see this list grow as time goes on.
Vizual Intelligence Consulting

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